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Rates for Quilting Services

Edge to Edge Design

A continuous design from edge to edge of the quilt. Pricing varies depending on the density of the design. 

$.02-.035/sq. in. 

All Over Design with Border Treatment

A continuous design in the center of the quilt with one border treatment. 

$.03-.04/sq. in. 

All Over Design with Multiple Borders

A continuous design in the center of the quilt with multiple border treatments. 

$.04-.045/sq. in. 

Custom Quilting

Specific placement of patterns in blocks, borders, sashings, and setting triangles. 

$.045-.085/sq. in. 

Heirloom Quilting

More detailed and intricate than custom quilting. This can include quilts with applique and Judy Neimeyer quilts. 

$.075-.10/sq. in. 

Other Services & Expenses


80/20 and wool batting available. 96" wide. 


Backing Seamed

$12 per seam

Loading Fee

$15 per item

Binding Application

Half: $0.17/linear in. 

Whole: machine$0.15/linear in.

             by hand $0.27/linear in. 

             flange$0.1/linear in.

Minimum Longarm Fee  $75

Quick Calculations

Square Inches

Length x Width of quilt

Linear Inches

2 X (Length + Width of quilt)

Pricing is also available as a download here! 

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