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Is your quilt ready for the longarmer? 

Run through Stephanie's tips below to make sure!

Quilt top should be trimmed to final size


The top should lay flat. Measure the top, middle and bottom. These measurements should be the same. If they're not, there is a possibility that your finished quilt will not be square or have fullness eased in which can cause puckering.

Please check to see that your seams are pressed in your desired direction. 


Be sure all seams are secure and excess thread is removed along with pins and other embellishments. 


Backing and batting must be 4-6" larger than the quilt top on each side.


Do not baste the quilt layers together. These three layers need to be brought in as separate layers to be loaded onto the machine. 

Backing & Loose Ends
Quilt Top
Quick Calculations

Square Inches

Length x Width of quilt

Linear Inches

2 X (Length + Width of quilt)

These tips are also available as a download here! 

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